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Quality Upholstery Services in Singapore

We provide top quality and affordable fabric and upholstery services for companies in Singapore and around the world. Our commercial upholstery services include hotel upholstery, restaurant upholstery, or office upholstery.

With years of experience and innovation capability, we offer the highest standards in craftsmanship with your satisfaction guaranteed. Our services range from traditional to modern, providing reliable advice combined with quality products.

ECODEC sources a wide range of fabric of commercial and contract quality to cater to various budget requirements of our clientele. Our sought-after selection includes fabrics from the US, Europe, Turkey, China, Indonesia, and more.

Value Engineering Solutions
for Hotel Upholstery & Fabrics

One of our specialties is our Value Engineering Solutions. For these projects, we assist hotels, designers, and architects in sourcing out alternative materials without compromising on requirements.

There are two primary methods of Value Engineering:

  • The first is to provide a range proposals. This may include sourcing out alternative materials at a lower cost, yet upholding our client’s standards.
  • The second alternative is through customised weaving or re-engineering of the fabrics. How is this done? We work together with or partner mills to replace existing fibers. For example, 100% Silk may be replaced with a look alike Polyester which looks similar, yet costs only a fraction of 100% Silk. Another option would be to reduce the composition of the material. 100% wool might be replaced with 80% cotton + 20% wool. This would bring down the cost substantially, while still maintaining the aesthetic.

Over the years, we have established a loyal and every expanding clientele across Singapore, Thailand, the Maldives and more. Get in touch with us here to discuss more about your project.

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