5 Steps to choosing Quality Hotel Curtains & Blinds

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For hotel and resort owners in Singapore or around the world, you definitely know how important it is to provide your guests with everything they need to make their stay as comfortable as possible. A comfortable bed and clean bathroom are some of the basic necessities. Yet another thing that every guest room should have is quality blinds or curtains. Curtains are an important factor of the aesthetic of the room, the mood, and how much light is allowed in. For this reason, finding the right blinds or curtains is absolutely essential, and you wouldn’t want to skimp on your window treatments!

When choosing your curtains for hotel guest rooms, here are some questions you should ask.

1. Hotel Guest-room curtain Colours

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When choosing the decor for your guest rooms, you likely put a lot of thought into what type of items would add to the look and feel of the room. This may be carefully selected pictures to hang on the wall and the style of furniture used in the guest rooms. It’s important to add the same amount of thought into your window treatments, including curtains and blinds.

Neutral-coloured curtains are always a great choice as they can easily be coordinated with almost any type of decor. Solid-colour panels are another safe choice, but you may prefer patterned curtains to add a bit of visual interest in the space. Sheer curtains and decorative panels are a great way to soften the look of the room, and they work really well in layered window treatments.

2. Curtain Styles & Aesthetics

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Pencil pleat and pinch pleat curtains are both an excellent choice for a simple and minimalist style that will go a long way in enhancing the aesthetics of the room. This is because pleated curtains create a designer flair while providing a very neat appearance. ECODEC is able to supply a wide variety of different styles to suit hotel windows of any size.

3. Hotel Curtains as Temperature Control

There is nothing more frustrating for hotel guests than a room that is either too hot or too cold. Not only can uncomfortable room temperatures interrupt a good night of sleep, but they can leave your guests feeling very uncomfortable. High-quality blockout curtains typically offer additional benefits when it comes to temperature regulation because they have three bonded layers of fabric to provide insulation against extreme outdoor temperatures.

4. Light Control

In addition to ensuring the right temperature of your hotel guests rooms, you also want to provide your guests with the ability to customise the amount of natural light that comes into the room throughout the day. This is important during both during the day and at night. During the day, some guests may want the curtains completely open to flood the room with sunlight. Others, may prefer to be able to completely blackout the room so they can sleep during daylight hours.

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At night, exterior lights from the parking lot or surrounding buildings may shine in and ruin a good night’s sleep. Day or night, the right window treatments for your hotel guest rooms allow your guests to be comfortable at any time of day.

5. Privacy

Last but not least, is helping guests to maintain privacy. Curtains should be thick enough that guests feel like they have sufficient privacy. This is particularly important for lower level or ground level guest rooms.

Customised Hotel Curtains for your needs

Whether a luxurious style, or simple minimalist style, we provide a variety of curtains and blinds to match your hotel’s interior aesthetics. We also provide a range of fabrics, patterns, and materials that can be fully customised according to your needs. Our value engineering services ensure you get the right products for your hotel, based on your budget and requirements. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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