The Nautilus

Location: Thiladhoo Island, Baa Atoll, Maldives
Details: 15 Beach Residences, 11 Overwater Residences
Works: Furniture Fabrics, Soft Furnishings
The Nautilus Maldives Resort is a highly personalized, immensely private resort of 26 beach and ocean houses. Enter a refuge beyond the bounds of time and expectations, where every moment is tailored to you. Our works included complete soft furnishings and furniture fabrics to give an ambience of space – to share, to meet, and to shape your own personal journey. Most important of all, it’s about celebrating the people you are with, in any way you choose. This luxury resort in the Maldives is inspired by the form of the nautilus shell, making each house and residence a unique and sophisticated escape. Curved lines and spiraled elements echo throughout design to reiterate the timelessness and longevity of this icon of the deep.

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