A Closer look at hotel Curtains: How to get them right

lux hotel curtains

The hotel and hospitality industry is continuously evolving. In the last few years, numerous technological improvements have made travelling around the world easier than ever. Whether for holiday or business, hotels around the world are the top solution for travel accommodations.

Here at ECODEC, we have been providing window treatment services for hotels and resorts around the world for many years. During this time, we have had the opportunity to provide curtains and blinds in hotels and resorts in Singapore, Maldives, Fiji, Thailand, and more. A closer look at these can be found in our portfolio.

The common challenge in Hotel Curtains

Regardless of the size or type of hotel, many hotels depend on reviews and customer satisfaction in order to be able to improve their services. A survey of more than 95,000 hotel guest reviews has revealed that the most important thing to guests is quality of bedrooms, followed by customer services.

While other elements definitely play a part as well, such as facilities, location or price, most hotel guests agree that their guests rooms is one of the most important things. In such a competitive market like hotels, a single review can have a significant impact on a hotel’s reputation.

Getting your Hotel Curtains right

Many hotel owners and managers are not aware of the impact that window treatments can have on the look and feel of your hotel interior. When choosing your curtains, here are a few questions to ask to ensure the best hotel curtains for your needs.

• Fabric – Does the design, texture and colour match with the overall scheme of your interior?
• Operation – Are they smooth and easy to operate? Can they be operated remotely?
• Privacy – Do the curtains offer an element of privacy, or are they mainly for aesthetic purposes?
• Room darkening – If the curtains are being used in guest rooms, did you add blackout curtains to ensure full room darkening during night AND day? Regardless of the time, foreign travellers often want to do one thing as soon as they enter the bedroom – sleep.
• Decor – Back ties, pelmets, valances, types of curtain rods. Which elements could improve the overall look of the windows – whether in guest rooms or public areas.

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