11 Window Treatment Ideas to make your view even better

The right window treatment, including access to natural light can make or break a space. Unfortunately, the importance of window treatments is often overlooked. Your hotel or resort window coverings can be functional, purely decorative, or a combination of the two. Whether it’s luxuriously flowing drapes, classic curtains, Roman shades, or more modern blinds, here are a few ideas that can inspire a better view in your hotel rooms or public spaces.

1. Sheer White Curtains

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For smaller size windows, sheer panels allow for maximum light. This can help keep your rooms from feeling too closed off.

2. Rattan Blinds

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Let in a little natural light, while still opting for privacy. This is a lovely blend of refined and cozy.

3. Classic Shutters

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Classic shutters tend to complement more monochrome colour schemes in a timeless, yet contemporary style.

4. Double Blinds

For more dimension and a little less light, try doubling up on your window treatment. This may include roman shades + drapes, or any other combination that suits your fancy.

5. Multi-coloured Curtains

For a blend of cozy and contemporary, multi-coloured curtains can add a modern and playful feel to your hotel rooms or public spaces.

6. Dramatic Curtains

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Go for a more dramatic look with boldly coloured ceiling to floor curtains. Cinching them lower can also skew proportions to make them appear even taller.

7. Bare

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Window treatment or no window treatment? Sometimes less is more. This is particularly true in areas where all lighting is welcome, providing for a bright, airy, and beautiful feel.

8. Curtains Beyond the Windows

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Instead of hanging curtains right over the window, try extending your curtains beyond the size of the window.

9. Full Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

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Add to the sense of warmth, fullness and energy with a dramatic floor to ceiling look. Combine this with muted colours and classic furnishings for a timeliness touch.

10. Printed Shades

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If you’re using a neutral tone for your walls, adding a printed pattern is a great way to add a dash of colour to your room.

11. Add a Coloured Trim

Alternatively, if you don’t want to overdo the colour in a neutral space, try adding just a coloured or printed trim to your window treatments to give your room a bit of an edge.

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